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On-demand CIO to put technology at your business' service 

The cloud revolution has had a dramatic impact on IT executives' role: the more they relinquish direct involvement with heavy infrastructure thanks to agile solutions (IaaS, Paas, SaaS), the more they can focus on the actual goals and necessities of the business.

From data ...

This change both requires and allows the executive to have a major say in strategical and organizational issues. By letting of the necessity to handle data, they start bringing in solutions, innovations and revenue based on actual information.

... to Information

Tecnologia da informação: de centro de custos a gerador de negócios

A CIO, what for?

Meet the professional at the crossroads of IT, Business and Strategy

What can an on-demand CIO do?


The On-call CIO is the key contact to define, explain and handle the threats and opportunities related with the IT department.


Once a goal has been set, they will determine steps required to reach it, select the relevant suppliers and coordinate the IT development.


As the responsible for IT, they oversee the department's employees, supervise the tools' production and bring solutions to improve corporate processes.

... but with an SMB-friendly approach.


Be it with spreadsheets, landing pages, quick development..., the On-call CIO brings quick and efficient solutions to get the job done. 


Your On-call CIO brings you access to their extensive network of collaborators and partners in all IT-related areas to complement your existing team in an agile way. 


Years of experience in business of all types allow your On-call CIO to implement the most adequate tools and processes in your company.

Why On-call?

All the benefits of the on-demand model applied to the specific role of a CIO

The broad knowledge of our professionals allows them to perform the regular tasks of a CIO...


An experienced CIO is expensive. And small and medium businesses' operations usually don't justify hiring one in-house and full-time.


But this doesn't mean that IT issues are any less important than for large corporations. On the contrary, an obsolete IT environment may radically jeopardize a lean or bootstrapped business. 

On-Call CIO brings the expertise of large companies' CIO to smaller companies for the cost of a manager. 


Our On-Call CIOs are required to be trained in both IT and business administration. This allows them to understand most operational issues and always remain focused on the end goal.


Furthermore, speaking the language of other departments' heads makes communicating with the other departments easy and fosters fruitful and creative collaboration. 


IT is a very dynamic area: yesterday's habits can become a drain on tomorrow's innovation. Their diverse engagements both allow and force our On-call CIOs to always keep their toolkits and knowledge base updated. 


Faced with different realities, they are used to make use of both their experience and their creativity to solve the problems in the most efficient way. 


Full-time for a specific period, partial time for an undefined period, recurring or exceptional... We build our rules of engagement accroding to your requirements so that your On-call CIO be with you in the moments where you most need them.

Working remotely, they'll be able to help you wherever you are located. 

  • 2h/week for three months then 10 h/week for the next six months;

  • Remote work 1 day/week and physical participation at all external meetings;

  • Immediate availability in times of crisis.

  • A company requires a CIO but not full-time;

  • Transition period requiring a massive update of the information systems;

  • Temporary substitution of an IT employee.



How does it work?


Get in touch with On-call CIO through one of our various channels: e-mail, contact form, phone or by chat.



Based on the information provided, we'll select a CIO to return your call. During a 30-minute free call, we'll apply our exclusive On-Call IT Checkup method to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your IT environment. Once on the same page, we'll decide together on the best way to help you. 



Next step is selecting the right CIO for your needs from our suppliers' pool. Don't worry, if you're not satisfied with the recommended one, we'll suggest another one until we find the perfect fit. 



The offer you will then receive encompasses all items necessary for the perfect execution of the job: targets, costs, hours, responsibility scope, etc.



Last step is the actual start of the agreed upon work. On-call CIO charges its clients directly so that they don't have to worry about social costs, holidays, etc. In case the client is unsatisfied, they are able to end the collaboration at any time..


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