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The On-call CIO concept

How on-demand service revolutionizes IT

The cloud has drastically changed the way to do IT infrastructure and software. CAPEX becomes OPEX, scalability issues disappear and technology, once an obstacle, turns into a business accelerator.

On-call brings this flexibility to the services bridging technology and business

Diretor de TI sob-demanda



Your On-call CIO is hired on a flexible contract for a definite period or for the long-run. They work from your company's offices or remotely doing whatever a highly-qualified employee would do. But their time (and your cost) follow your company's necessities.

Departamento de TI sob-demanda



The On-call ITeam complements or substitutes most of an internal IT department with professionals specialized in all types of technologies, available on-demand for daily or specific tasks. 

Projeto de TI sob-medida



The On-call Project allows you to obtain an IT service without having to worry about the technology behind. We build solutions based on your environment and/or with  state-of-the-art on-demand off-the-shelf tools requiring as little maintenance as possible

Tarefa de TI sob-demanda



On-call Task brings the ease and speed of e-commerce to the area of IT micro-services. Be it to build spreadsheets, databases, dashboards..., On-call Task will deliver a high-quality solution through a set of calibrated packages, performed with money-back guarantee. 

Client testimonials

On-call CIO has been tested and approved by clients worldwide

Satisfied client - Beyond ROI

Lindsay Trumpler

Beyond ROI, Practice Manager

Raleigh, NC, EUA

My On-Call CIO has been invaluable in the creation of our entire automation infrastructure. He is reliable, dependable, efficient and always collaborates in a way that improves our vision. He adds incredible value to our team.

Satisfied client - Tee Saudi

Talal Al Badr

Tee Saudi, Co-Founder

Riyad, Saudi Arabia

My On-call CIO really is a pleasure to work with. He offers great questions which always help reframe problems, while also offering great advice whenever it's needed. His wide background in business makes working with him on any task a breeze. I strongly recommend him to anybody looking for support in any business function.

Satisfied client - Record

Daniel Renous

Record, CEO

Brussels, Belgium

No need to explain ten times. Once is enough and the job is very well done. Thanks.

Join us

We work with a global network of highly-qualified independent IT professionals. If you're available for small gigs or long-term projects, we always have interesting opportunities. 

Let us know if you...

  • ... have deep knowledge of IT in general and expertise in areas like ERPs, CRM, Workflow/Task management, databases, web, mobile development, etc.

  • ... have working understanding of corporate functions like Operations, Marketing, HR and/or Finance 

  • ... are willing to work in flexible conditions (workload, working hours, etc.)

  • ... have experience working among and with C-level executives in companies of all sizes

  • ... communicate efficiently in any of the following languages: English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.

If you're interested, please fill up the following form 

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