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Implementation service for G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Business)


G Suite, what for?

G Suite is a set of communication and collaboration applications provided by Google to businesses all around the world. For a monthly user fee, it will provide corporate-grade productivity-enhancing tools, among which:

  • Business E-mail (you can think of it as a Gmail account 30Gb of e-mails available at all time and from anywhere, synchronized on all platforms (PC, tablet, smartphone...), with no on-board advertising and compatible with all POP3/IMAP e-mail readers for those who do not want to use the native web-based featureful Gmail or Inbox apps.
  • File storage and sharing (Drive): back-up and synchronize archives on all platforms (PC, tablet, smartphone), share with team, clients and suppliers with personalized access rights.
  • Real-time collaboration (Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites): create texts, spreadsheets, presentations, on-line forms, web pages from any browser and collaborate in real-time with selected users
  • Private and public calendars (Calendar): create, manage and delegate as many calendars as you and/or your team need to streamline the meeting, reservation and scheduling process internally or externally.
  • Audio/Video communication (Hangouts): connect with your team with a browser real-time native communication app.
  • And much more...


What are the benefits?

On top of the ever-growing number of included features, G Suite brings the following to your organization:

  • 99,99% of guaranteed availability: the apps and data are available at all time and from anywhere
  • Zero-maintenance needed: hosting, maintenance and security of the solution requires neither server nor dedicated employees. Your IT team doesn't have to worry anymore about backups, upgrades for any of the components included in the offer.
  • Full web: although fully-compatible with most competitive solutions on the market, the provided applications don't require any type of installation on the desktop apart from a recent browser. Better yet, the whole user environment, data, settings... are immediately available as soon as the user logs in from any Internet-connected machine. And can leave no trace on the computer once the user has logged out.
  • Security: security and confidentiality of the applications and data are provided at all time by Google, a world's leader in terms of software. On top of that readily-available advanced features like multi-factor authentication, fraud detection, encryption... further reduce social engineering risks as well as industrial spying.


What is our role?

Our On-call CIOs will analyze your requirements and...

  • setup your domains;
  • define a migration strategy for corporate e-mails and perform this migration (if legacy e-mails are stored on a centralized server) or provide instructions specific to your company for user-generated migration;
  • define and implement best practices to leverage the tools available, based on the necessities specific to your company and users
  • provide remote training and support for the first days of production


On-call G-Suite

    • Implementation of G Suite on up to 5 domains
    • Setup of up to 20 users
    • Migration strategy definition and execution for corporate e-mails (if legacy e-mails are stored on a centralized server) or instructions on how to manually migrate up to 20 e-mail accounts
    • 2-hour remote consulting session by one of our on-demand CIO on-demand to gather your requirements and explain the services
    • 2-hour remote training session for super-users
    • 2-hour remote phone support (in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese)
    • Our "Money-back guarantee"
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