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The best IT department on-demand

Why outsource your IT department

The benefits of on-demand applied to IT service


Running an IT department can be costly for small companies that don't necessarily have the infrastructure to keep their experienced IT staff occupied full-time. But this doesn't mean that small business' requirements be any less demanding that at larger companies. On the contrary, mismanaged IT may lead to dramatic problems in smaller firms.

On-Call ITeam brings the expertise of specialists with the comfort of in-house employees but without having to pay them form inactive time.


Thanks to our wide network of providers, we are able to find professionals in any type of technology/skill (excluding those requiring physical presence).


From infrastructure maintenance to on-line marketing campaign management, we provide help and support to all areas related with IT.


IT evolves quickly; yesterday's khabits can turn into tomorrow's obstacles in the ever-changing road to efficiency. Thanks to their experience in multiple environments, they keep updating their knowledge on a constant basis.


Moreover, the mere variety of projects they're exposed to stimulates their criativity when solving problems.


Full-time, part-time, recurring or one-off..., we build with you the ideal plan so that your On-call ITeam be at your side in the moments when you need it. 


Working remotely and available through all communication media, the members of your ITeam add value to your organization without taking resources from it. 

  • Disponibilização de um analista de banco de dados, um responsável segurança e um programador Java por até 20 horas por mês para  a manutenção da sua infraestrutura;

  • Um time completo disponível para desenhar, mandar e analisar até 6 newsletters por ano;

  • Um time de desenvolvimento incluindo especialistas, desenvolvedores e testadores prontos para integrar as mudanças do seu sistema padrão a medida que as necessidades aparecem.

  • Company that needs a part-time team or IT professional;

  • Transition period requiring a massive update of the information systems;

  • Temporary substitution of an IT employee.



How does it work?


Get in touch with On-call CIO through one of our various channels: e-mail, contact form, phone or by chat.



Based on the information provided, we'll select a CIO to return your call. During a 30-minute free call, we'll apply our exclusive On-Call IT Checkup method to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your IT environment. Once on the same page, we'll decide together on the best way to help you. 



The offer you will then receive encompasses all items necessary for the perfect execution of the job: targets, costs, hours, responsibility scope, SLA, etc.



Last step is the actual start of the agreed upon work. Your team will forward their needs to the assigned workers through regular ways of coomunication (e-mail, phone, Slack, task management system...) While the job is being done, the time required to perform it is reported in a platform for your control. If a limit has been set up, then once 80% of this limit has been reached, you receive a message that will allow you to decide whether to postpone the finalization of the task or increase the limit for this month. 


Your account manager makes sure that the job is being done according to your needs and will present you with an activity report every three months.


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