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Customized servie to create a spreadsheet (modeling, planification...) on MS Excel or Google Sheets


What type of spreadsheets?

On-call CIO will design and implement an efficient spreadsheet for you or your organization for any type of use:

  • management/planification (production, resources, finance, etc.)
  • simulation (technical, financial, Monte Carlo, etc.)
  • modeling (business, price, etc.)


What are our design principles?

Our On-call CIOs receive an advanced training to learn how to deliver a final product that...

  • caters to the client's functional requirements independently of the technical complexity
  • minimizes human interactions, both in use and maintenance
  • limits data insertion, according to the rule "one datum=one entry"


Can it be used as a database?

Technically, nothing prevents you from using a spreadsheet as a simple database. But, practically, spreadsheets are not meant and are therefore much less fit for this purpose than other tools. See our On-call Database service for more information. 

On-call Spreadsheet

    • 2-hour remote consulting session by one of our on-demand CIO on-demand to gather your requirements and explain the services
    • 1 Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet of up to 100 calculated cells
    • Access to sources for future evolutions
    • Our "Money-back guarantee"
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